Lake City Trail Rides

Join us for a trail ride!

Breathe in the crisp mountain air and enjoy the morning sun as it streams through the aspen trees while your tame horse wanders up the hill and over the stream to open pastures at the Upper Ranch. We will teach you what you need to know if you've never been on a horse. Faith Vickers is your personal guide and has a lifetime of experience.

Enjoy a breathtaking trail ride across mountain meadows and through Aspen forests to Alpine meadows with wide open views of the San Juan Mountain peaks.

Two-hour rides are available most mornings Monday through Friday throughout the Summer season. At least three riders are required per ride. Children are welcome but must be at least six years old to ride. For the safety of our guests and horses, no doubling up is allowed and all riders must weigh less than the maximum weight limit of 230 lbs.

Trail Ride Season: Horseback rides begin mid June and go through the end of August.* 

Two-Hour Trail Ride: $125 per person 

*NOTE: Reservations for horse rides and Jeeps are accepted starting June 1st.

Proper riding attire and shoes are required, but you don't need to know anything about horses — only that they're hear for you to have a good time! Call (970) 944-2249 or email us to make reservations for the whole family today.

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  • Vickers Ranch Horse Trail Rides
  • Vickers Ranch Horse Trail Rides
  • Vickers Ranch Horse Trail Rides
  • Vickers Ranch Horse Trail Rides